Privacy Policy

Well to put it simply, any information you manually submit to the site will be kept for in house use to contact you with information you requested, such as sending you a copy of the monthly newsletters or to reply to you if you ask a question via our contact form. We will not share these with anyone outside of our organization.

Information you automatically send us, some of which you may not know, but is the same as with most all sites you visit are used for site use tracking to help improve our site. Some examples are: a cookie that Google sets so we know what pages on the site you visit. It is Google Analytics, and yeah most all sites anymore use it. Also each time you visit the site, we automatically know your public facing IP address. We know what file/page you are requesting. We also know (unless you are blocking it which you can easily do) what page if any you were on when you clicked a link for something in our site (known as HTTP Referrer). Some people are surprised to know it gets sent, but it does. Again, all of these pieces are only used for seeing what people are using the site for and improving things and not for sharing with people outside of our organization. Heck the things on the automatic list the organization doesn't really see either, our web geek is the only one with access.

See nothing is being done to try to get more out of you than you want, no trying to collect e-mail lists for spamming you with offers. We like to be nice.

Upcoming Events


Kitchen open 5p to 9p


Super Tuesday Drawing at 8 p.m.

Kitchen Open 5p to 9p


Happy Hour from 4pm to 9pm

Kitchen open full menu from 5pm to 9pm


Bike Night 6:00p to 9:00p

Bikes, Classic Cars, Trucks invited

Kitchen open 4p to 9p

drink and food specials!!!


All you can eat Fish Dinners from 4:30 - 7:30. Carryout is available


Kitchen open 4p to 9p


Queen of Hearts


* 2nd Thursday *
Legion @ 7:30pm
Auxiliary @ 7pm
SAL @ 6:30pm

*1st Thursday
E-Board @ 6:30pm

Rider's Meeting:
1st Tues @ 7:30pm



Contact Info

Portage American Legion Post 496
1945 Mogadore Road
PO Box 308
Kent, Ohio 44240